Our last stop in Nepal.

After three days down in Chitwan and a few hours at Bharatpur domestic airport, we landed back in Kathmandu and hit the road to the east. We stopped in Bhaktapur for a few hours (definitely worth a visit, read more here), after which the roads become less crowded and much bumpier. Still, only a 1.5 hour drive from Kathmandu, you’ll find a tiny little mountain village called Dhulikhel, where we had decided to spend our last four days in Nepal…

When people travel to Nepal and want to spend some times up in the mountains, but not too far from Kathmandu, they’ll most likely end up going to Nagarkot – famous for its Himalayan views. The reason we decided to go to Dhulikhel was more a choice of hotel rather than of the region, and we weren’t disappointed by Dwarika’s Resort one bit. Plus – the views are amazing, too.

It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind, and the climate is so pleasant compared to the almost unbearable humidity of Chitwan. The resort is a little paradise consisting of many little hillside villas. Multiple winding paths lead up the hill, starting with the main building on the bottom and going all the way up to the hilltop tea house with the best sunrise views. Even the spa is spread around  a cute pond just below the infinity pool. There are three options for dinner, all of them being a set menu – Japanese vegetarian, Continental and Nepali. Each is a foodie’s dream, and (as part of the resort’s eco-luxury concept) the vegetables are picked on the same day at their own farm (that you can hike to and visit, too). In terms of other activities beside eat, pray and love, there are several options such as cooking classes, meditation, yoga, pottery, art classes, spa treatments and more. And – even if you’re not much of a trekker, it’s definitely worthwhile to spend one day hiking to Namobuddha and visiting the monastery. It was simply an amazing experience to get so close to authentic, Nepali rural life along the way.

Scroll down below to see more of our stay and to read about how we spent our days…


The beautiful and huge bathroom
MAKO’s Japanese restaurant at Dwarika’s

The view from our room’s terrace
The day bed
Breakfast views to die for
Each day, they gave us a scarf in a different color to be “more aligned” with the sun/moon/stars… a lovely detail
The pool on cloud 9

Favorite spot
Bedtime drink – warm milk with turmeric
Cloudy sunrises
6am tea time
Pink skies
Every night, we got two soaked almonds for the next morning
All along the little paths of the resort, you’ll find signs like this one
The library
The Chrystal meditation house
Favorite slippers that give you a foot massage as you walk



As mentioned above, the resort has a farm where they plant most organic vegetables that you can enjoy during your meals there. It’s a fun activity to hike there for 1.5 hours, pick your veggies, and then either hike back or have them pick you up. The lady in charge of the farm and her daughter are the sweetest people and they shared so much about their daily lives with us.

Feet up after the hike!


On one afternoon, we took a Momo cooking class with the chef of the resort – so fun!! Sharing the recipe in one of my next posts…



On one of our days, we left the resort and did the 3-hour-hike to Namobuddha, which is said to be the birthplace of Buddha. The short version of the story is that he reached enlightenment after letting a starving tigress feed on him in order to provide for her cubs.

he was overcome with compassion when he saw a tigress tormented by starvation and offered his body to her without a moment’s hesitation

The hike led us through tiny villages, where we were able to see traditional Nepali farm life. No matter how small, each of them has its own little temple. Everyone goes by their day, building new houses, milking goats, farming… When we finally reached Namobuddha, we were quite surprised by how few international tourists we met. Most people are either monks or buddhist pilgrims, with only the occasional trekker. The monstery seems like straight from a movie, it’s amazing how clean and well-maintained everything is. After our 3-hour hike, we enjoyed a well-deserved ice-cold coke on the tiny balcony of Thangu café…


The best thing about Dhulikhel? Those snowy mountain ranges dipped in pink sunset light…


Day 1:

  • Arrival, dinner at Mako’s Japanese restaurant

Day 2:

  • Wake up early to enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea
  • Hike to the resort’s farm to pick some veggies for dinner
  • Take a Momo’s cooking class

Day 3:

  • Hike to Namobuddha, transfer back
  • Lunch by the pool, relax

Day 4:

  • See the Ayurvedic doctor to learn about your body type
  • Do a pottery class if you have time (we skipped this one for a longer lunch)
  • Do the 3-hour spa treatment that includes a scrub, steam bath, massage and facial

As you might imagine, it doesn’t get boring. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of “just” lingering around, so having enough time to relax but also try new things and be active was just right. If you do plan on traveling to Nepal, I definitely recommend including a few days in Dhulikhel!


For this trip, I did all the photography while the hubby took some video material. Hit “play” below if you’re interested in seeing some moving images of our 10 days in Nepal!


  1. Did I see somewhere that you did a photo book of your trip? I’d love to know the website you ordered it through!

    • Hi Charlotte, yes I ordered our photo book via MILK BOOKS! They‘re wrapped in linen or leather and super beautiful. We also made our wedding albums for us and the family with them. Hope this helps xx Lara

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