Hi everybody, today I’m very honored and excited to announce that my sister-in-law (to be, someday) has just launched her German online beauty blogazine and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g! If you don’t think I’m being objective then check it out here: The Original Copy

Under the headline #wetalkbeauty, she talks about hair, makeup and other beauty essentials for cool girls, showing how to’s for new techniques and trends, providing launch dates for new products, writing honest reviews and keeping you up to date on the latest happenings.

I’m honored that she selected me as her first person for the series “All Eyes On” where different women will give you a glimpse into their morning routines, bathroom cabinets and handbags. Hit this link for the original post (in German) or click “read more” for my English translation. Happy weekend! xo


Hi there! I’m Lara and I’m 25, originally from Germany. I’ve always been affected by the travel bug, so during my time in high school and university (business & management) I’ve lived in New Zealand, Copenhagen, Spain, Africa and NYC. These months and years and also just traveling have strongly shaped me as well as my sense of style. I love bringing clothes and accessories from different places and integrating them into my looks. What I love about German fashion is the timelessness and importance of quality materials. Nonetheless, I miss my favorite US brands, especially for affordable office clothing.

DSC_1168I started my blog in Spring 2014 (it’s been almost exactly a year), when I started my first job after my M.Sc. in strategic corporate development in Switzerland. I was looking for fashion blogs and outfit inspiration for working “career women” who want to be taken seriously without being less stylish.

Unfortunately I didn’t really find much, so I started a blog myself! Today I blog about fashion for the office environment as well as for any other situations, but also about beauty, travel and good food. Those are topics that interest me outside of work. Many working women like me find it difficult to achieve a balance in life and to keep it going in the long-term. Most times, at least one of our interests or goals is being neglected. My blog is meant to be a place where such women can not only find motivation and inspiration, but also exchange ideas and success stories.

Due to my daily life, I have quite a pragmatic attitude towards fashion and beauty. For me it’s important to always head out the door well-maintained, but I don’t have time or patience for uncomfortable things or overly complicated rituals. Products have to keep their promises, and I’m always looking for allround-talents for when I travel.


I try to run outside at least 15-20 minutes every day, that’s my way of ridding myself of stress. I hate weight training at the gym, but I do try to do my Bikini Body Guides by Kayla Itsines or my Ballet Beautiful DVD at least once in a while. Twice a week my boyfriend and I do latin-american competition dance training, that’s fun and keeps us fit! In winter, we love to ski, which is a lot easier now that we’ve moved to Switzerland.

When it comes to nutrition, I love to feast and enjoy cooking. I have that passion from my dad, who is also a passionate chef in his spare time. Fortunately my boyfriend shares this, so we usually have fresh home-cooked meals (and some wine). Since I eat a lot, I’m trying to make healthy choices and incorporate lots of veggies and fruit into my meals instead of reducing portion sizes. For breakfast, I usually have a big fruit salad and a boiled egg with espresso and hot lemon water. For lunch, I usually grab a salad since we cook in the evening. Some of my favorite recipes are already on my blog (click here). What do I eat on a cheat day? I can’t say no to German wholegrain dark break with raw honey or plum puree, to mashed potatoes with braised beef and red wine reduction (my favorite), to cured ham and aged Swiss cheese, to kettle corn or to dark chocolate with sea salt (the absolute best are Ghirardelli’s “Dark & Sea Salt Caramel” squares).

Nutrition, exercise and enough sleep are of course the basics for feeling healthy and beautiful. I see the effects of too much sugar or too little sleep immediately on my skin and my under-eye circles. No cream can help at that point, so I try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night.



My facial skin is rather oily, while my body is very dry. I love using the facial routines (wash gel, peeling, eye cream and moisturizer) by either SebaMed or Clinique (3-step, for oily skin). The blue wash-away cleanser by Clinique really gets rid of everything, even waterproof mascara. Whenever I get breakouts, I use my acne solutions moisturizer, also by Clinique (no I’m not sponsored, just a fan). It’s really strong and works like a charm. About twice a week, I use my Clarisonic brush with a peeling. My sister gave it to me for Christmas and I keep being surprised by how soft it leaves my skin. In summer, I never leave the house without SPF 20 – I like Clinique’s “Superdefense” for oily skin types. I just add it on top of my regular moisturizer. In the evening, I always always always take my makeup off, for me that was somehow always out of question. I often read that other women seem to struggle with that, even though taking care of our skin during the night is so important, especially for dry types.





I’m not really complicated when it comes to my body routine and don’t really see the point of spending plenty of money on things like soap. In my shower, you’ll find Nivea’s body peeling and a shower gel by The Body Shop that smells like Japanese cherry blossoms. After shaving (I use Venus Embrace and a shaving gel with vanilla scent), I moisturize with one of two body lotions: Neutrogena Nordic Berry, which really absorbs well, or Dove Sunshine lotion with a little self-tanning effect. On occasion, I use pure argan oil from Morocco. That reminds me of Hammam peeling rituals with relaxing body massages on vacations. Before I travel, I sometimes use St. Tropez tanning mousse, which is not orange and good for darker skin types.




My long hair is really important to me and I’m very glad that it’s rather uncomplicated and strong. I switch up my products all the time, but some of my favorites are, for example, the Technicial Color Care Line by Frederic Fekkai, especially the mask. Currently, I love Leonor Greyl’s shampoo for oily scalps and dry ends, which I discovered through my stylist Pedro Sanchez in Zurich. I try to wash my hair every two or three days, not more. After washing, I often use Bumble & Bumble’s surf spray in the ends. It doesn’t dry them out, but it makes them more full-bodied and non-slippery. If I use my curling iron, I always use TRESemmé’s heat protector. And if I just can’t make the time to wash – Kérastase’s dry shampoo is a life saver. I also use it before creating an updo – it gives much more hold.



I love getting dolled up, but I prefer a soft and natural look. I rarely use foundation during daytime, if anything I use an oil-free CC cream by Clinique with SPF, or their Stay-Matte liquid foundation for evening events. I love that it mattifies without covering too much. For me, there’s hardly anything worse than a shiny face. That’s why I always keep Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine in my handbag.

My signature style consists of bronzing powder (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil), a gold-brown smokey eye (Smashbox Full Exposure Palette) with volumizing mascara (Benefit They’re Real). I pretty much always create the same look, I just do a stronger version for evening styles with darker eyeshadow and black eyeliner (Benefit They’re Real) instead of brown khol (Clinique Quickliner). I blend both rouge (Chanel Le Blush) as well as my eyeshadow as soft as possible to avoid harsh edges and lines. To me, it’s less important to try new trends when it comes to makeup; instead, I focus on creating a look that covers up my flaws and highlights the pretty parts. That’s timeless, so I don’t change it up too much. Besides lipgloss (my favorite is Soap & Glory’s Sexy Motherplucker in Yummy Plum), I occasionally do a matte, highly pigmented lip. In my case, I think a dark pink is more flattering than the classic red, also because blue undertones make your teeth seem whiter. I love Nars velvet matte lipstick pencil in many different colors, or just lipliner. I few months ago, I had my eyebrows done with permanent makeup, which was the best decision! Because of a scar on my left one, they weren’t really symmetrical, but now they’re always in shape. That way, plucking them is also way easier, and I feel comfortable on the beach with just a bit of concealer (Benefit Boi-ing) and waterproof mascara. Eyebrows give the face a frame, so I think they’re super important. You can find my step-by-step makeup tutorial here.








I definitely have a love-hate relationship with nailpolish! I rarely go and get manicures, since I can do it myself and they don’t get it to last any longer – latest after 2.5 days I have to redo it. On my feet though, I love to get pedicures and foot massages. I like using colors like blush pink or nude – my favorite nude is Essie’s “Spin the Bottle” and I love this classic red called “lacquered up”. In summer, I like coral red tones and aubergine or greige in winter. I use Selly Hansen’s mega shine top coat, which dries quickly and makes it last (at least a little…) longer.



Besides my wallet, iPhone and set of keys, I always take some helpful little things to get me through the day: See-through nail polish to fix stocking runs and sunglasses for sunny days or for under-eye bags (a blogger’s rescue sometimes). An elegant, black fedora for bad hair days, for instance from Borsalino. Bepanthen’s healing cream for lips, dry joints, to get into tight shoes, etc. Blotting papers and my Agent Zero Shine to avoid oily skin. Also, I take mini sizes of Batiste dry shampoo and Clinique superbalm gloss. For ballet flats, I always stock up on heel liners. On cold winter days, there’s nothing better than touchscreen gloves, available here. Last but not least, I always keep a USB slot with an iPhone charge cord in my car.


I’m wearing Zara jeans & t-shirt, Bauble Bar earrings, Antonio Berardi heels

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