About This Blog

Let me guess – you’re a successful and smart woman, probably 5-15 years into your working life. You rocked your studies and now work your ass off focusing on your career advancement. You might be a lawyer, a banker, a corporate manager, an entrepreneur or even a CEO?
In any case, your office environment is probably not filled with women, let alone women like you.

But while you don’t work just to pay the bills, your career is not all there is to you. You didn’t chop off your hair and quit on makeup only to save some extra minutes in the morning. Your closet still contains multiple pairs of high heels and you loathe boring dark suits. You see your friends on a regular basis, you have hobbies, you’re active, you still paint your nails and, in between meetings, you like to check your social media or read the latest edition of ELLE, where you skim right to the “wear to work” pages. Being a “career woman” to you does not entail having to decide between work and play. It´s about having the drive to do it all – and to have it all.

Looking for a blog that talks about all of these topics? You’ve come to the right place.

I get you. In my day job, I’m (currently) a business consultant. I advise industrial companies on their production strategies and how to increase their profits. I studied international business and started off working for a global machinery producer. But as much as I love wearing steel-toed shoes to on-site client meetings or discussing the latest edition of Harvard Business Review at the next leadership forum, I also love pulling out my Gianvito’s and catching up with my girls over some Pisco Sours. Where we don’t talk always about recent political developments. Whenever I’m not working, I like to cook (ok, I mostly just eat) with my foodie husband, after which we walk it off with our dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cookie who we adopted early this year. We also both love to dance, golf, ski, travel and watch series like Homeland on a lazy night. I love fashion and writing, so the concept of blogging has fascinated me pretty early on.

Identifying who I am and what I want my life to be about has been a struggle at times, simply because there don’t seem to be that many of us out there to turn to for reference. And by us, I mean women who are motivated and capable of building a career without giving up everything else. We spend most wake hours working within heterogeneous teams that are great for achieving project goals, but not necessarily the kind of people who inspire us personally. On the other hand, our “peer group” or, even more, the women we look up to as role models are often beyond reach, covered behind the glossy facades of the media, leaving us only to ask ourselves from the distance – how does she do it? What’s her secret?

I founded Between Meetings as a destination for modern, multifaceted women. A place you can come to for inspiration, motivation and an exchange of thoughts. I write about anything that interests and occupies me personally – from career advice to styling ideas to travel recommendations. I hope you join in on the discussion – you are the ones who inspire me on a daily basis.