Hi and welcome to Between Meetings! I’m Lara and, in my day job, I’m a management consultant helping industrial companies optimize their productions, supply chains and organizations. Doesn’t sound like the kind of person you’d assume to write a blog? Well, I’ve heard that one before. But while I love my work and even enjoy working in an environment with mostly men, I’ve always tried to find my balance between that and my other interests – such as writing, travel, photography, fashion and design, food and plenty more.

I started this blog back when I started my first job. For me, it’s a way to connect with other likeminded women, also because I found that there really weren’t many blogs written by people in “traditional” corporate environments. So I decided to start myself, to share my (our) perspective.

Fast-forward some years later, I still enjoy this creative outlet, my personal door to communicating with people all around the world. And even though I am the one doing most of the sharing on here, I draw plenty of energy and inspiration from reading your messages and comments. So join the discussion!

Between Meetings is dedicated towards modern women who want it all – a career and a life.

I share inspiration on what to wear to work, where to travel to next, or just what’s currently on my mind. Just like we all do in our daily lives, I seek balance between the lighter and fun things and the deeper topics. I do hope you’ll be back – and I hope you’ll find inspiration, motivation and exchange of thoughts.