A couple of you guys asked me about my beauty and hair routines, so when Pedro Sanchez invited me to his salon in Zurich, I decided to do a full blog post about it for you to know all about the different steps! Enjoy reading and feel free to ask me anything about hair & beauty in the comments!


About Pedro & his Team at Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur Zurich: Coming from Venezuela (where, allegedly, also the most beautiful women come from) and having spent years working at the pulse of New York City fashion & beauty trends, Pedro knows how to deal with women’s hair – and he takes the whole woman, her style, her personality, her daily life into account. Coupled with his forceful team including his partner Michael (the business man & marketing mind behind the whole story), Frances (a multi-talent with the best blowouts and impeccable taste), Paula (with the steadiest hands for the most perfect manicure) and, last but not least, Luna – the mini poodle who serves as bouncer, teddy bear and style consultant all at the same time – these fantastic five made my morning session at the salon fly by and the end result a big success.


Nails: I like mine natural-shaped, not too edgy but not too round either. I try to leave them polish-free for a couple of days in between applying new lacquer and moisturize with nail oil, and always use base and top coat. The color that Paula applied is my new favorite for fall and called “Miami Beet” by OPI – it’s the perfect mix of pink, red and purple, not too dark and not too bright but soft and luscious.


Color: My natural hair is a little darker than I currently wear it, and this time, we went for lots of very thin, natural highlights to give the whole look some subtle reflexes. If you want a similar style, make sure you emphasize that you want them very very thin (especially on the top part of your head and around the face) and not more than 2 nuances lighter than the rest of your hair. You can always add a few thicker ones or even paintings on the lower part of your head.


Cut: I’ve tried one-length before, but with thick, long hair and a round face, this doesn’t really work for me. It kind of just pulls it all down and looses all volume, so Pedro agreed that we should go back to my signature layers that bring out a little waviness. In the back, he made sure the ends didn’t line up too straight and the whole look came out natural and bouncy.


Blow-Out: Lots of round brushes and Frances’ magic hands made this natural but perfectly imperfect bouncy look happen. For blow-outs at home that need to last all night, I recommend not using conditioner (just this once!) and spraying on Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray for extra texture. Then blow-dry overhead, flip over, comb through, and work on the lengths with a round and a paddle brush. In the end, I sometimes use a curling iron on some strands around the face for extra waves, or I pull all hair back in two halves and do two low buns for about 30-60 minutes.

Enjoy your week!

Thank you for reading! xo


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