Today, after 2.5 years, I’m happy to present to you my new website:!


In Spring 2014, I founded a fashion blog that you came to know as “Stiletto meets Espresso”. It was about the same time when I had just started a new job, working in the strategy department of a global machinery producer. As you can imagine, I was pretty much the only woman in the team, and one of very few in the entire company who actually looked like one. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – working for industrial B2B companies had always been my goal, even in business school when so many other girls wanted to go into fashion or any kind of consumer good industry.

But while I truly love walking through factory buildings smelling like metal or machine oil, discussing new technologies and their market potentials or finding ways to optimize global supply chains, there’s also always been that other side of me that’s interested in fashion, makeup, interior design and luxury goods. And, contrary to university life, that part of me had absolutely no place in my full-time job.

At the same time, I noticed that there were very very few fashion blogs targeted to the majority of women – working women! No offense Chiara (and Negin, Kristina, Danielle, Julie, Aimee, etc.), but crop tops and ripped jeans are not only rather unflattering on the “average” woman above 25, but also highly inappropriate in most office environments. My point – all the fun and beautiful inspiration I could draw from fashion blogs had the very limited timeframe for adoption of only two days a week. But instead of surrendering to boring gray pant suits on the remaining five days, I eventually decided to start my own blog. During the last three years, you have enabled me to build a loyal following of smart working women looking for outfit inspiration for weekdays. I am beyond grateful for all the positive feedback I have received in those three years and it has been so much fun to do this project and keep on posting new content as often as I possibly could. To see that other women out there were looking for exactly that kind of content was so motivating.

In spring last year, I switched jobs. For the past 1.5 years, I have been working for a consulting firm in Zurich focusing on bringing operational excellence to industrial companies. I am so happy to have made this change, especially because it will prepare me so well for all future career steps that I’m striving for. All the time and energy that I have dedicated towards this new job during the last years and especially months has, naturally, been time consuming – meaning less time for photos and blog posts. But besides that, it has also made me realized that I don’t want my blog to be the exact opposite of what I do every day, but instead a representation of all the aspects of my life rather than one small piece.

For the last few months, I have been contemplating on whether I should just quit the whole blogging thing or keep going. Honestly, I was very close to taking the whole site down. But then the emails arrived – you sent so many sweet messages asking for new posts and saying how much you valued that I was one of the few bloggers out there providing real inspiration for women working in office environments. And I realized – it was not that I wanted to quit, I just needed a change. I needed a relaunch because I had simply grown out of the old blog and could not imagine going forward with it the way it was.

So here I am – happy to present to you my new site: Between Meetings!

Between Meetings New Blog


As described in my bio, I would like for this blog to be a destination for modern, multifaceted working women. And I want it to be about all that we care about – not just work, not just play.

A place where, yes, you can still find fashion inspiration, especially for workwear. Also, you are welcome to keep reading my occasional and beloved travel posts, because I am still the single-most notorious travel planner so I can never leave one place before having found the best restaurant, the coolest bar, the prettiest spot. Equally, we love to cook, so you will also still find some of our favorite recipes.

So what’s new? Above all, I’d like to introduce a new category of articles called “Career Talk”.

Our work is what occupies our minds at least 1/3 of the day, sometimes 2/3’s – so why not exchange thoughts, ideas, advice! Let’s talk about women in leadership, let’s talk about how to be more productive, and let’s discuss how to succeed without sacrificing everything else. I would love to hear your views, your experiences.

As you probably know, we’re currently in the process of planning our wedding for June 2017. Due to recent demand, I will incorporate some wedding planning tips, too! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be writing about how to reconcile a career and motherhood. I am excited and curious to see how this site will evolve with me.

One thing I know, it will be an authentic representation of me, my thoughts and my experiences. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

Lara Caspari New Blog Between Meetings

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  1. Wow! Glad to see you back to blogging again with new goals. I am really looking forward to your posts! Cheers.

  2. Yay so happy to see that you’re back! I love the relaunch idea, it seems to suit you so well! I have loved your blog for so long because like you said, the typical woman can’t or don’t want to wear cropped tops and ripped jeans. I love th

  3. the professional style you share and I am really excited to see your upcoming posts! Xoxo
    (First comment posted before I was done. Haha whoops!)

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