A peek into my bridal prep with @onlocationglam

As most of you know, I wear my hair down 99.99% of the time. Ever since I can remember, long full hair (preferably in waves) has been my go-to look. I’ve tried going short and blonde once (a LONG time ago) and I wore an updo for two of my three graduations – but I never really loved it, especially not on pictures. So why stray from my go-to style on my wedding day?

I’m eternally grateful to have had my favorite stylist and friend Frances, founder of On Location Glam, by my side for our wedding weekend. She is the only one I literally blindly trust with my hair, so while I’ve had nightmares about all sorts of things going wrong during the wedding, I never once worried about this one.

As I wanted to wear my hair down on all three nights of our wedding weekend, we had to differ in other ways. For the rehearsal dinner, a wine tasting get-together on a vineyard, we chose a natural and slightly more modern look (which is actually one of my hubby’s favorites).

Dress (also here and on sale in some sizes here) / Earrings

For my makeup, I chose a natural bronzed look with gold highlighter on cheekbones and eyelids, matched with Frances’ favorite natural fake lashes and some hydrating gloss. Just what I needed for an easy-going get-together in Provence.

For my wedding day, I wanted an upgraded version of my usual evening style – loose, somewhat vintage curls with a side part, and a glam smokey cat-eye. Frances curled my hair away from the face with a medium-sized iron and pinned up all locks to cool off while she helped my bridesmaids style their updos. Enough time for a glass of bubbly!

When it was time for final touches, we took out the pins and brushed through it all with a soft hair brush. I love my waves soft and smooth, it just has a more natural look that way I think, rather than the curls being too defined.

Last but not least, we pinned up one side of it all with some pretty single flowers from our florist Laetitia C.:

And that was it! The only disadvantage of wearing your hair down for your wedding day is that you probably need more touch-ups than with an updo. Especially with sleek looks, you can basically concrete it all with hairspray until it all stays put. With these loose waves, yes there were moments where the breeze nearly killed it, and we had to redo most of the curls before dinner. Nonetheless, I felt beyond happy about the look we created and, above all, I felt like myself.

Getting Ready Robe: Girl with a Serious Dream / Wedding Dress: Augusta Jones via Kleinfeld Bridal

On night three of our wedding weekend, we did a 1930’s vintage circus theme night to say farewell to our guests before everyone left the next day.

To top it all off in the hair department, we decided to go full-on vintage and chop off not one, not two, but like six inches of hair. I’ve been wanting to take out some length after the wedding anyway, so why not do it right then and there? After that, Frances styled what was left in vintage glam curls. I’m so happy we took the plunge and I loved wearing my new style on our minimoon the week after and ever since!

Here’s a snap of the final look:

Dress: Mery’s Couture (Zurich) / Earrings: Elizabeth Cole / Heels: Jimmy Choo (comfiest heels ever)

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our wedding day and weekend! A special thanks and a big shoutout goes to my darling Frances from @onlocationglam for making me look and feel pretty on my happiest day.

Photo credits and another special thanks go to our amazing wedding photographer Dominique Bader who captured all those special moments for us to keep and cherish forever.

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