Hi everybody, I have some BIG news to share…!

When I sat down today and opened my editing window, I was planning on sharing another outfit post; but then it just seemed all wrong after this weekend! While I usually don’t share much of my personal life on the blog, I just had to share this very very special moment with you.

My love and I had been dating for 6 years and 10 months and still, he completely surprised me with his proposal on Saturday. This weekend, my best friend and her fiancé were in Zurich for a visit and we had planned on spending most of our time with them. Since us girls had taken care of most of the Paris travel planning and scheduling a few weeks ago, the boys told us we were in for a surprise day and evening on Saturday and that we should dress in “beach-club-chic” and bring a bikini. I later found out that this was all a big big setup and that my bestie was in on all of it! So on Saturday morning after breakfast in bed, the two of us left off, me thinking we’d meet the others at our unknown target destination. We arrived at the lake, 30°C and sunny, and there was this motoryacht waiting for us! My boyfriend (who has a licence) hopped in with a big picknick basket and told me we’d be picking up the others at the opposite side where they had had brunch. Not suspecting a thing, I sat back, took pictures, enjoyed the wind in my hair. I was already in the best mood and so excited for what this day would bring, texting my friend how their surprise invoved a boat and that we’d probably be there soon.

When we got to the middle of the lake, with a perfect view on Zurich, the snow-topped mountains in the other direction and no other sailors closeby, the boat suddenly slowed and stopped. Before I even realized what was happening, he told me how this was all a big setup and that the surprise was for me and only for me; and then there he was, on one knee, a little box in his hand!!!

I must admit my memory gets a little blurry right there, but the thing I remember so clearly are his blue eyes in front of me. And of course I said YES to the love of my life!

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

My beautiful ring is set in rose gold, my favorite! He knows me well… <3

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

My fiancé!

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

Champagne & canapés on a boat, what’s better?

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

My happy face! 🙂

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

After a few hours on the boat, swimming and kissing and celebrating and calling our closest family and friends, we stopped by Strozzi’s for a late lunch and more refreshments. He had everything planned out of course!

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

Perfect sunny weather, fresh lake water, a.k.a. happy me! We stayed on the water until 6pm until heading back to change for some more celebrations over dinner.

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

When we got back home, there was a huge bouquet of fresh peonies waiting for me – he had our friends pick them up and drop them there so I didn’t notice a thing! Of course I had to take one of those classic “ring-in-flower cliché shots”. Being engaged does this to you! #guilty 🙂

Stiletto meets Espresso engaged

For dinner, we had the best best best meat and wine at our favorite intimate restaurant in Zurich, and I finally wore this Kora Rae number that’s been waiting for a special summer evening for two months now. My metal belt is by Asos, my heels are Louboutin Pigalle, my bag is Chanel and the scarf is Louis Vuitton. Earrings and engagement ring are designed by my fiancé himself! 🙂

The next day, we had our sneaky helping hands come over for a celebratory champagne brunch on the rooftop (with homemade eggs benedict, including foamy Hollandaise, yum!) and we laughed about how – just on Friday night – I had firmly claimed how hard it was to surprise me. I guess I was disabused! And I’m so happy because that’s the one thing I had always wished for: to be utterly surprised by my proposal. And I was.

This weekend was the best weekend of my entire life so far, and I hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of it on here. Thank you for all your sweet heartwarming comments on Instagram!


  1. Oh so cute!!!!!! I’m so happy for you:-):-):-) I always love love stories even if it gets me on my sentimental site, letting tears running down my face just because I’m so happy for you (and any other engaged person;-) I wish you all the luck in the world, you two make such a sweet beautiful couple!!!
    Xx, Kirsten


  2. What an amazing surprise, love how he proposed on a boat in the middle of the lake just you two. So romantic!! Congratulations!! So happy for you 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! I love it! What a beautiful proposal day. Gorgeous pictures and a lovely story.

    Congratulations, girl!

    xo, Mae // Mae Amor

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