Plus – all the Black Friday deals at a glance.

This time of year, there’s a few events that one “must” shop for (since we all have nothing to wear) – such as Thanksgiving (think stretchy), Christmas Eve with the family (think elegant and grandma-approved) or New Years Eve (think glitzy-glam). But to us working ladies, there’s probably one that’s even more challenging to shop for: The company christmas party. Usually on some Thursday or Friday in December, the whole company or business unit or team will meet for a dinner or even large-scale event.

But what do we wear? You’re more than lucky if there’s a dress code in the meeting e-vite. But even if there isn’t, one thing’s for sure: neither do we want to look like a sexy Christmas elf, nor do we want to be compared to Bridget Jones. Leave those fun ugly Christmas sweaters for December 25.

So, from all the options, I’ve narrowed it down to two valid options: a midi velvet dress like this one (or this one, with black opaque tights), or (see below) a pair of brocade pants matched with a silk cami and a sleek blazer. Both conservative enough to meet the boss, but fashionable enough to go out for drinks after dinner’s finished.

Pants & Cami: Üterque / Blazer: Claudie Pierlot / Pumps: Christian Louboutin / Bag: Saint Laurent

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones… xx

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