Comfort meets style.

After a summer full of wedding weekends and other events, we loved spending a bit more time in our home in Zurich this November. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and I miss my closest friends, most of whom don’t live in Zurich, all the time – but there’s just something about not having too many plans on a weekend and really getting to enjoy and relax, not having to pack, and recharging before entering a new work week.

Now that fashion has become a lot more easy-going compared to just a few years ago, I love spending those days in comfortable clothing. This look has been one of my go-to looks for taking strolls with our dog Cookie, meeting friends for brunch or dinners at home, or just relaxing. It’s a very basic boyfriend jeans with a silk cami and cardigan kind of look, but the added blue velvet instantly gives it some texture and elegance. Details below! xx

Jeans / Cami / Cardigan (also here as a sweater) / Matching Scarf / Loafers / Bag / Sunglasses

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