Dressed in workwear looking all (okay, mostly) serious on most days, our engagement shoot with Million Memories  in the lavender fields of Provence with flowers in my hair probably made my top 3 of “most feminine” days so far.

As you know from this article, we got engaged in June 2015 and wanted to celebrate our engagement for a little while longer. Pretty much on the spot, we decided our dream wedding date would be in June 2017. Then we set the location for Provence, France – and went from there.

Setting the location is the single most important thing for all the details that follow in wedding planning. You could never decide on the perfect dress, the right flowers, the overall look & feel of the event without knowing your location first. Just imagine a long-sleeved, huge ballgown at a beach wedding in the Caribbean. And there you have it.

We aren’t one of those couples who has always known where they want to get married one day – none of the places that had symbolic value for us had any locations that we deemed perfect for our wedding. So instead, we tried to imagine our dream wedding – what we wanted it to feel like, to look like. What we knew was – we wanted something elegant, but nothing too corny. A ceremony outside, in the countryside, overlooking the hills. And: somewhere sunny. Somewhere all of our guests would feel like they’re on vacation. And who cares if this will simply be our new sentimental place? A wedding is only the beginning of a beautiful love story, after all.

So we went down to Provence one weekend and looked at 9 locations in 48 hours. Ours was the 4th we looked at, and it was perfect. We knew we had found our spot the second we arrived. Imagine a beautiful French chateau, set in lush vineyards in the middle of nowhere in Provence, elegant but with its paint slowly coming off the walls in flakes.

After booking the chateau for a long weekend in June 2017, the direction was set. The color theme came easy, of course we had to incorporate lavender. We added the cool, light blue of the window shades and otherwise stuck to neutral hues and a touch of gold.

One of the good and bad things about planning a destination wedding is that you have to travel to the place quite a few times to organize everything. But who’s complaining! Our location hunt took place in September, so we decided to drive down from Zurich again this year to take a look at rehearsal dinner locations as well as test the hotel where everybody will be staying.

Lavender only blooms for about two months, mostly from mid-June to mid-August, before it is harvested. So we picked a weekend in early July and decided to incorporate a (late) engagement photo session with Julia & Ben over from Million Memories! We had such an incredibly fun day together, trying to find the perfect lavender field and then the right shots and angles. And after hours of picture-taking and filming a short video, we enjoyed a well-deserved gourmet dinner in a lovely restaurant nearby. If you’re ever looking for a great photographer duo – contact them via: info@million-memories.com!
Lara Caspari EngagementLara Caspari Engagement

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