Go from work to play in 10 minutes.

As per requested (by a dear friend of mine, you know who you are), I’m sharing how I upgrade my work-appropriate makeup for a night out within just 5-10 minutes.


Personally, I like a soft smokey eye 99.99% of the time. For a day at work, I have a makeup routine that, by now, I can do half asleep and in 10 minutes. You can find the detailed tutorial here, but in essence I just use concealer, powder, bronzer and blush on my face, then pencil my eyebrows, and finally use some brown-gray-ish eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara on my eyes.

Some little tipps here and there are, e.g.: Use your concealer also on your nose wrinkles, which tend to be a little more reddish than the rest of your skin. Fix your concealer with some transparent, loose fixing powder. When using mascara, start on your bottom lashes. Always mascara evenly, then wait, repeat.

During the day, typically after lunch, I quickly freshen up with some anti-shine powder, one more layer of mascara, and some natural lip balm / gloss.


You shouldn’t feel the need to look like a man or an ugly duckling when you go to work. Definitely not. However, please also avoid looking like a trash queen. I know I know, you are dying to try out that turquoise eyeliner that you saw in some magazine. Just wait until the weekend.


Makeup, at least during working hours, should help bring out your best features and conceal the ones less flattering. When I love someone’s makeup, it’s because it brings out the woman’s beauty. I see her, not the makeup; the latter just helps with the former. To achieve this, it helps sticking to natural hues that pick up on your skin color, hair color or eye color. Nothing too loud. Your best bet is a matte bronzer, some peachy blush, and an eyeshadow palette in shades of brown-beige-gray.

Here are my favorites:


For dim-lit restaurants and bars, I like a more sexy, upgraded version of my day-time look. To achieve this without re-doing my entire makeup , I just layer it up. But first, always use a paper tissue or blotting paper to remove any excess powder or oil!

I like to use a bit more contouring when it comes to the bronzer, as well as highlighter on my nose and cheekbones. Don’t forget to use some extra mattefying powder on your forehead and chin if you know there’s going to be photos taken with flash.

For my eyes, I re-do the smokey eye with colors that are slightly darker and add a bit of shine and sparkle. Everything just gets a little bit smokier, and the eyeliner thickens. When it’s a really special evening, I like to use falsies – but only the single ones or the very natural sets. I glue them on as recommended, and once they’ve dried, I use mascara to blend them with my real oncs.

Thanks for stopping by!

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