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As most of you know, we’re getting married this year. Finally! After a two-year engagement (side note: I’d recommend being engaged for 1.5-2 years to each and everyone!) – we’re tying the knot in June this year. Now, three months ahead of the big day, I’m actually a lot less stressed than I was 6 months ago. We have fixed all major contracts and all that’s left to do is smaller details. I think the most important thing is to find vendors (especially planners!) that you fully trust to carry out your vision of the event. Thankfully, we have found such people in our planners, photographers, videographers, musicians, caterer, florist, etc. – people who we absolutely cannot wait to work with.

So what’s left to do?

Besides details like music choices or seating charts, there is obviously something major that I’m still working on – my own look! And, really, who doesn’t want to shine bright like a diamond on their own wedding day? Since many of you are also in the process of prepping for your weddings and asked how I prepare for the big day in terms of beauty and fitness, I’m going to share what it is I’m focusing on. Spoiler alert – it’s neither rocket science nor big news.


I try to maintain a certain a certain weight and level of fitness anyhow, but on my wedding day, I don’t want to think about sucking in my tummy all day long. Basically, you want to feel comfortable from all angles. Planning a summer wedding (including a pool party) puts on some extra pressure.

Unfortunately, my working hours don’t really allow for hours at the gym every day. I thought long and hard about getting a gym membership again, but ultimately I decided not to. Still, I want to look lean and toned, so there really isn’t any way around working out. There’s four things I’m doing:

  1. Walking / running with my dog (now that Spring is coming)
  2. Training for our wedding dance
  3. Bikram yoga (a mental challenge just as much as it is good for your body)
  4. Most of all: The seven-month-challenge on the “Seven” app (download it here)

When I do go somewhere to work out, I prefer to go to classes rather than spending hours pulling weights. Working out in a group of people, with a trainer who corrects you, is most effective in my opinion and just motivates me much more. Since there’s a Bikram yoga studio around the corner from where we live, I gave it a try and must say it’s incredible! You feel close to dying, but once you’re done it’s like you’ve been reborn.

Then, it’s all about consistency. I’ve noticed whenever I try to work out like crazy three days a week, something will always interfere – either I have to work long on that particular day, or we receive a last minute dinner invitation, or I just don’t want to wash my hair again (first-world motivation problems, I know). So – that’s why I’ve found that daily, short workouts are most effective for me. Since I started 4 months ago, I work out daily, doing short, high intensity workouts of 7, 14, 21 or sometimes 28 minutes with this app. I love the “burning tummy” of the “bikini body” workout. Since they’re all exercises using only body weight, you only need a yoga mat and no other tools.

4 months into the whole thing I can say – it’s working!


Now – please don’t expect this to be revolutionary. Again, my job doesn’t allow for 5 home-made meals a day or some other kind of crazy rule book. I don’t weigh my food, I don’t really count calories, and I don’t follow a strict plan.

So far, I’ve just tried to eat healthy, but for the last three months, I’m going to be a bit more disciplined to get down to that goal weight. Meaning: very little alcohol and basically no candy / fast food type of stuff. I try to avoid sugar and very fatty things, and instead stick to natural products. My typical “meal plan” will look like this:

  • Breakfast: a poached egg on avocado on wholewheat rye bread, plus a fruit salad or pomegranate seeds with natural yoghurt
  • Lunch: a salad with chicken
  • Dinner: either another salad (I browse Pinterest for “summer salads” or “winter salads” that are anything but boring) or a hot meal consisting of fish/meat with veggies, quinoa or potatoes, cheese, etc.
  • Snacks: carrots, cheese, fruit, … sometimes dark chocolate or a plain yoghurt

If you feel like you need to count calories, try the fitness pal app. It’ll make your life much easier!

What I do sometimes for a few days is detox. I love juicing with Detox Delight, or if you want to do something by yourself, you can try doing three fruit-only days or a week of simply steamed veggies with some feta cheese on top. For a softer version, try only eating steamed veggies with steamed chicken for dinner for a week. If you’re absolutely hardcore or need to fit into your dress last-minute, try to detox on just sqeezed lemon juice mixed with water, agave syrup and cayenne pepper for a week. It’s horrific, but effective. Just make sure you have at least another week to ease into normal eating before the wedding, or you’re likely going to faint during the first champagne toast.


You can find multiple “perfect” beauty timelines made by experts online and in the known magazines, telling you what to do months, weeks and days before and on the day of the wedding. You can find one here or here, for example.

What am I doing currently? In essence, things that have a long-term impact.

  • Regular exfoliation & tightening body lotion + body oil once a week
  • Night facial serum, this one is my favorite
  • Decolleté cream (favorite)
  • Intensive hair masks once a week (try this one)
  • Regular gel manis & pedis (I do hands every three weeks, feet every six weeks)
  • A bit of teeth bleaching to match the dress

What am I planning to do? Some just-in-time pimping.

  • Hair dresser appointment approx. 3 weeks before the wedding (color, balayage, cut)
  • Gel manicure & pedicure – I’m going to have to do this a week before since we’re going to be in the South of France earlier, otherwise I’d probably do this the day before the wedding
  • Eyebrow waxing – about a week before

The evening before? Probably hyper-ventilating and trying to go to sleep…

  • Definitely enough water after all the rehearsal dinner wine!
  • High intensity body lotion, feet cream, hand cream etc.

On the day? The full program.

Now that you know all my “secrets” (haha) – share yours! Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message:

How do you prepare for a special event like a wedding? What’s your beauty, fitness or style go-to? Anything I need to try while I still have time?

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