To kick of my new blog section, “food”, where I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes and foods for you, I’m writing about my juice & soup detox that I just did for 7 days.

To start off, I’m definitely a person who loves to feast and gourmandize, but I also eat pretty healthy. Lots of volume, but healthy. Every once in a while, I enjoy kickstarting my metabolism and refreshing my body with a little “cure” or detox of some kind. For me, it’s just a lot easier to stick to a fixed program for a week than to remember to integrate multiple rules into my daily eating habits. I’ve done 3-day juice fasts, 3-day raw fruit, 10-day complete fasts (only tea) before and while it’s not easy, it’s definitely effective and I’ve always felt better and stronger afterwards.


January and February are in my opinion the perfect months to shed some toxins after the holidays, also because your social calendars are usually not yet as full as in spring time. Therefore, I’ve decided to follow Detox Delight‘s invitation to do a one-week juice and soup detox with them, which I did last week in early February. It works like this: every two days before 9am, two days worth of juices and soups will be delivered to your doorstep or office location. One day contains 4 juices and 1 soup, which you can consume either for lunch or dinner as you please. The juices are numbered for you to start with 1) a lemonade (water with lemon and apple, e.g.), then 2) an orange juice (based on carrot, orange, ginger etc.), 3) a red or pink juice (containing beetroot, apple, lemon and others) and 4) a green juice (apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon etc.). In addition, you get one soup per day to heat up in hot water whenever you prefer. If you’re interested, get 10% off with code “Lara” in February.

DSC_1885I always had my soup for our joint dinner, because eating a soup just feels a lot more like “eating” than drinking a juice. The soups were the best – they varied from pumpkin-curry to brokkoli-cashew, cauliflower-curry-black-sesame, red-beet-sunflower-seeds, curry-lemongrass-coconut and apple-parsnip soup. All of them were properly seasoned so that you would’ve enjoyed them just as much in any restaurant.

 I’m not going to lie, you will crave food occasionally. The good thing was that it got less and less, not more. For me, the first few days are the hardest, but on day 7 I feel like I could easily continue another week. Since you drink your juices about 2-3 hours apart, let’s say at 9.30am, 12pm, 2.30pm, 5pm and then your soup at 7.30pm, you usually don’t feel that hungry in those two hours in between. Nonetheless, Detox Delight sent a list of “detox-approved” snacks in case you need to. On this list are things like 10-15g of seeds and nuts, a piece of carrot or apply, a quarter of avocado, or some vegetable broth. Of course, it is also stated that you shouldn’t snack more than two of these tiny portions a day, since your bowels are supposed to be disburdened for a week.

DSC_1518Taste: Of course, the green juices are never as yummy as the red ones, but in this detox there’s only one of them and it’s much better than others I’ve tasted. I enjoyed the fact that, after every two days, the juices changed a bit, so you didn’t get the same exact taste for 7 days straight. I also felt that they were keeping the best for last, so it got tastier (especially the lemonade, which was pink grapefruit for days 5-7 and so good!) as you neared the end. While you do miss the feeling of chewing, you don’t get entirely sick of the taste of the juices.

As for the soups, all of them were super delicious and creamy (even though 100% vegan), so eating them was the highlight of the day for me. Some of them even contained a few sesame seeds for instance, so I was able to at least have the sensation of chewing once a day.

DSC_0492Effects: As to weightloss, I lost about 3 kg in the 7 days (~6.5 pounds), though I know as I’ll fill up on food again, maybe half of that or two thirds will remain lost. There’s definitely juice fasts out there that are more hardcore, so if weight-loss is your goal, you might want to try doing the greentox that consists of only green juices and contains even less calories. I personally felt like the juice and soup is a good balance for cold winter, and I do see noticeable effects in the mirror. While that’s great, my personal reason to do it was to recharge and restart my body, and to have a learning experience when it comes to eating habits. Every time I do this I get to remember how little food my body actually needs, and how much of my “hunger” is actually just cravings. On the same notion, it’s also interesting to see how much energy you still have. I still worked out, slept like a baby and was able to concentrate perfectly, maybe even better. So if you’re scared you’re going to lie on the couch all day when detoxing, don’t be. A juice fast is not a full fast, so you can perfectly work this into a busy schedule and any corporate job, like myself. As a side note, and I’ve mentioned this in another post already: Be sure to do this kind of fasting for the full week or at least 5 days. Whenever I do three days only, I not only see much less effects, there’s also no learning experience. The third day is still part of the “hard” zone, so if you stop after, you will most likely have a full-on yo-yo effect. Take this time to really get into it, shed those toxins and adapt to new habits. Try not to think “when is it over”, but enjoy it. Time will fly.

IMG_8938Other: Detox Delight also sent over their “TeaTox” as well as their “ginger essence”. Both were very tasty and a great option for filling up in between the juices, which I did multiple times a day. The ginger essence was worth mentioning in detail: You get a bottle of this liquid concentrate, and all you need to do is pour a small amount into a cup and add hot water. You have to like the taste of ginger because it’s very very intense, but if you do you’ll love it. I already grate ginger for fresh ginger tea on a regular basis, but this invention is definitely a thing to try out if you haven’t.

Today, having had my first breakfast (oats, chia, flaxseeds, apple, pomegranate, water, stevia, no milk), I feel full and satisfied with a much smaller portion than what I ate two weeks ago. Feasting for days during Christmas time makes your stomach expand, so it’s good to do the contrary with a liquid detox once in a while to get back to normal. Let’s hope it sticks for a while!

DSC_1798DSC_1401 DSC_1511IMG_8898IMG_8923

If you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments! Also, please share your own personal detox experiences or even recipes for homemade cold-pressed juices. I love to make orange-carrot-ginger-mint when I have the time. Happy detoxing!

{PS: Detox with Detox Delight in February and get 10% off with code “Lara”}


  1. Hallo Lara!
    Ein toller Post!
    Eine Frage habe ich, hast du fuer die Woche frei genommen oder gingst du ins Buero?

    • Danke Mara! Nein, dafür wären mir meine Urlaubstage zu schade 😉 mit den Säften kann man ganz normal ins Büro! xo Lara

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