While there aren’t too many, there are some blogs out there that I find are a really great read – either for when I’m having a bad day and need some motivation, for when I don’t know what to wear and need some inspiration, or for when I’m frustrated with work or colleagues and need some leadership strength.

1. Career Girl Daily

For easy tips & tricks for rocking your next job interview or getting that promotion.


A site to browse for hours reading up on career tipps, financial advice, motivational articles and everything from work to travel, wellness and the latest news.

3. Ivanka Trump

For inspiring stories about #WOMENWHOWORK

4. Career Contessa

Basically your online career mentor.


For some great office outfit inspiration split into three categories: Conservative, Creative, Casual.

6. Harvard Business Review Online

Not really a blog, but the best source for profound, academic articles on leadership and organizational culture. Free-subscribers get 8 free articles per month.

Tell me, does that cover it? What are your favorite career blogs out there?

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